Saturday, September 6, 2008

They're Not Just For Freshmaking Anymore

If you do any costuming you know that seams are going to pop, and the heels are going to randomly fall off your shoes, and you're going to forget some vital part of your costume at home. It's the number two rule of costuming. (The number one rule of costuming is no matter what you need for your costume you won't be able to find it while you're making the costume, but three months later it'll be everywhere you look.) So costuming disasters are inevitable, but are you going to give up and not wear the costume just because you forgot to bring your pants? No. You're going to take your paperclips and your chewing gum wrappers and probably your eyeliner pencil and MacGyver the hell out of that sucker.

Case in point. My friend put together a Dr. Girlfriend costume the day she was wearing it. Her pink suit had no buttons. She was going to cut some out of construction paper, but I said, "Wait! I have Mentos in my purse!" A couple pieces of double-sided tape later and voila.


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